These days every second person on your list is planning to adopt or buy a dog. No doubt dog is a great companion and a wonderful family member. Dogs make life easier and happier not only for their owner but also for all the family members. But if you are taking a dog at your place you need to take care of all their requirements like those of another family member. 

Like every human being, dogs also have some basic needs that should be fulfilled in order to keep them happy and healthy. Dogs never come alone, they always come with many responsibilities as well. Whether you are a first-time dog owner or already a pet parent. It is essential to know the basic requirements of the dogs and know the ways of taking care of them.  

Every dog owner must be aware at least of the basic need of their dogs so that they can give them a healthy and happy life. Dog owners have to spend some time and put some effort into providing all such comforts to their dogs. These loyal friends do not need anything except your love and care. If you buy trained dogs, you will get complete information about the needs of the dogs. You can easily buy trained dog in usa for sale

With the help of this guest blog, we will know about the basic needs of the dog. Read on!

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5 Basic needs of every dog

1. Nutrition

A balanced diet comes first when we talk about the basic need or care of the dog. You can do research on the food that your dog breed eat. Always offer good quality food to your dog. It is not that you have to provide them with branded foods but you just need to give them quality food. Your main purpose is to give them complete nutrition and a quality diet. 

Many dogs prefer dry foods and others prefer semi-moist foods. Every dog prefers different food. As dogs mostly eat dry food, they cannot derive moisture from the food. So the owner needs to ensure that they intake a good amount of fresh and clean water daily. 

If your dog is receiving a quality and good amount of food daily, your dog is in the direction of leading a happy and healthy life. 

2. Exercise

With a balanced healthy diet, keeping your dog fit and providing mental and physical stimulation is essential. All these can be done with daily exercise. Take your dog for a twice-daily walk. Spend some time with your dog, and play interactive games that make them happy and build health. You must take them for a walk at different places so that they enjoy the walk and explore new places and faces. 

You should make your dog exercise according to their dog’s age, sex, breed, and health conditions. Health should be the first concern while you are making your dog do physical activity. If your dog is old and you make him exercise over his potential, it will affect his health. Dog owners need to take care of all such things as well. Exercise help dogs avoid boredom and behave happily. 

3. Grooming at home

Dogs also need grooming. It makes them feel fresh and happy. You can provide this at home. If the pet parent cannot take care of the dog every day, they should give a dedicated day for them to spend and take care of them. You should brush their teeth as their teeth also get plaque like humans and that needs to be removed. There are special toothbrushes for dogs that should be used, so do not use the regular human toothbrush. 

Trim the nails of your dog. You must know the right way of doing this. If you trim the nails the wrong way, it can be very painful for the dogs. Around the nails of the dogs, there is a growing portion that you need to take care of as they contain blood vessels and nerves. While trimming nails pet parents should take care of this. 

You must give your dog a bath once a month. There is an all-purpose dog shampoo that you can use for your dog. The consistency of bathing depends upon the breed of the dog. Some dogs need a bath once a week and some need it once a month. If you feel that your dog is smelling bad or gets dirty, you can provide them frequent baths as well. But must consult the doctor before doing. 

4. Nurture your dog

Providing house training to your dog is necessary. It leads dogs towards living a quality life. Firstly, the dog owner has to choose the right training program for their dog that suits their lifestyle and fulfills the needs of the dog. 

In the initial stages of the training take your dog outside frequently for an hour. Provide lots of opportunities for your dog to relieve himself. At home, observe your dog’s behavior and know the action he does to go out. In some time the dog will become habitual of going out for relief.

 When your dog is not familiar with the do’s and don’ts of living in the house, make them familiar with all. Do not punish at the first time, you just need to stop them the very first time. This will make them let know the dos and don’ts. 

If you observe the dog doing the right things and not repeating things that are restricted, praise them or reward them. 

5. Attention and affection

The most basic need of every dog is attention and affection. If you are giving nutritious food, making them exercise, grooming, and training but lacking the attention and affection. All this will be of no use. With all these things, showing your love and affection to the dog is a must. 

It is not that you have to stay every time with them but should spend some quality time with them. After returning from a tiring day, spend time with your dog, love them, and praise them. Even if you feed them with your hands, they will be pleased. They just need your love nothing more. 

Wrapping it up

These are some of the basic needs of every dog. As an owner or pet parent, if you take care of all such needs and fulfill them, your dog will be fit and happy always. If you do not have much time to provide the proper training to the dog, you can also buy a fully-trained dog. 

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